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Psychotherapy & Sex Therapy for Men

To be authentically seen and heard are two of the most vulnerable yet immensely healing experiences we can have with another person.

"There is a natural interconnection between our mind, body, and emotions." 

- A. Dimitrion


Navigating life can at times be an overwhelming and emotionally isolating experience! Many men have been socialized to "save face" and "push through" especially during times of struggle. While this may have been helpful in the short-term, eventually those suppressed feelings begin to impact our personal, romantic, and sexual life. 


Welcome! My name is Anthony Dimitrion. I am an emotionally-focused, attachment-informed psychotherapist and AASECT certified sex therapist. My practice is founded on the belief that we as humans are innately wired for connection. When we are in connection with a safe, empathically attuned other, we have the opportunity to heal old attachment wounds, rewrite limiting or shameful core beliefs, and rewire our central nervous system. This ultimately allows for a secure, authentic sense of self to emerge. 

Integrating insight-oriented, somatic, and relational-experiential modalities (AEDP, IFS, CSRT, EFIT) we will explore new ways of relating to your self, your past, and others so that you can cope with your present concerns in a more meaningful and compassionately attuned manner. 


My practice specializes in the following...

*  My practice is proudly gay-owned, sex-positive, and affirming of sexuality, kink, gender, and relationship diversity. 


Together we can lean into vulnerability as we explore what is truly concerning for you!

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Practice Areas of Specialization

Attachment-Informed Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy for Men. 

Practice Areas
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