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Attachment THERAPIST

Psychotherapy for Trauma, Dissociation, & Insecurity 

Trauma Therapy in Bergen County, NJ

The lasting effects of traumatic childhood experiences and family dysfunction can feel like a never ending run from your past... 

"Childhood Developmental Trauma can be defined as, disruptions in safety and security in childhood by one or both caregivers as a result of abuse, neglect, criticism, rejection, frequent misattunement, reversal of roles, overwhelming experiences, or violation of boundaries."

- Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST

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No matter how resilient you've been and the many strides you've made, it seems like your past keeps finding ways to sneak back up! 

Maybe it comes in the form of intrusive memories or relentless inner criticism. Or perhaps it's those toxic family members who know exactly which buttons to push to trigger your insecurities. And let's not forget that subtle, yet ever-present anxiety that many of us can't quite seem to shake...Yikes! 

"As a survivor of childhood trauma and parental narcissism myself, I've been there too!"

In an effort to alleviate this internalized pressure, we can wall-off certain emotions, go above and beyond to prove our worth, or suppress experiences from our past, just hoping that would do the trick. The thing is...

We can never truly heal when we're always running away from the parts of ourselves that need our care and support the most!

Together we can stop running and start healing.

Attachment-Informed Trauma Therapy in Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ

"A non-judgmental space for open & honest conversations about what is truly concerning for you."

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Finding a therapist that feels like the right fit is especially important when healing from childhood trauma. Safety and trust are inherently necessary when it comes to processing such personal experiences! 

"I know the courage it's taking to trust another person with those tender places you've spent much of your life trying to hide away."

As a boutique specialty private practice, I work with just a small amount of clients to ensure that each client gets the quality care and attention they deserve. All appointments are 55-60 minutes in length allowing for enough time for dyadic grounding and a soft transition back into the rest of your day.​


I strive to provide an affirming, trauma-informed, dissociation-informed environment where we can address the lasting effects of your childhood experiences including:



Feelings of Inadequacy & Shame


Inner Criticism

Overwhelming Emotions

Nervous System Dysregulation

People-Pleasing Patterns

Social-Relational Anxiety

Meet Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST 

Anthony Dimitrion LCSW CST Ridgewood.jpg

My Story of Recovery from Childhood Trauma & Parental Narcissism: 

Growing up as a parentified and spousified child in a narcissistic family system, I experienced firsthand the pervasive effects of childhood developmental trauma. Over the course of my own recovery journey, I discovered that when I stopped avoiding my feelings and started using them to make sense of what I went through growing up, the confusing knot that squeezed my heart and mind began to loosen up.


As I untangled the conflicting emotions left from my childhood, I began feeling more confident in how I chose to engage in the world and the relationships around me. My past was no longer dictating my present. I had the freedom to just be myself. To be authentically me.

My Clinical Areas of Specialization:


Welcome! My name is Anthony Dimitrion. I am an attachment-informed trauma therapist, narcissistic abuse recovery specialist, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. 

I have dedicated my career to working with individuals who are navigating the road to recovery from childhood trauma & sexual abuse, complex PTSD, narcissistic family dynamics, and trauma-related dissociation

So What Exactly is Attachment-Informed Therapy? ​

I believe that we as humans are wired for authentic expression and connection. When we go through traumatic experiences in childhood where we are unable to fully process our resulting emotions and make sense of the experiences in a way that feels true, right, and authentic for us, we find ways of dealing with what happened through internalization, avoidance/suppression, dissociation, shame, and anxiety. These coping behaviors are adaptive in the moment as they keep us alive, attached to our caregivers, and moving forward in life.

As we grow into adulthood however, they can begin to hold us back from fully engaging in our lives in a way to feels authentic and secure


This is where attachment-informed therapy comes in. Through curious exploration and mindful attention to your in-the-moment experience, we'll co-create a therapeutic relationship built on safety, trust, and collaboration. Together we can begin to heal old attachment and trauma wounds, undo limiting or shaming beliefs, and relinquish old ways of coping that you no longer believe are as helpful as they once were. This ultimately reinforces self-compassion, self-agency, and innate resilience from which you can begin to engage in your present-day with greater authenticity, confidence, and internal security. 


That right there is therapeutic growth and healing!

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Clinical Areas of Specialization

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