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Online Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy NJ
"Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Your Home with a Expert Guide."

The psychedelic renaissance has been reignited in the fields of psychotherapy and mental health. Over the last decade research continues to reinforce the immense healing potential of safely administered psychedelics—a claim that many in the psychedelic and indigenous communities have been exalting for years. 

My practice is proud to be part of this movement to help more people safely access the benefits of psychedelic medicine in conjunction with somatically-based, experiential psychotherapy. The combination of psychedelics and psychotherapy enable profound healing on a deeper level. 

What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)?

KAP is a holistic modality in which ketamine is used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Ketamine can help melt the rigid psychic defenses that can at times make it difficult for both client and therapist to access the core emotional experiences that are needing therapeutic support and healing. 

In an altered state where defenses are softened, clients together with a psychotherapist can engage in corrective emotional experiences with the parts of them that are frozen or stuck in past painful/overwhelming/shaming experiences. These corrective emotional experiences lead to healing. Ketamine's effects of enhancing neuroplasticity enable the healing experience to integrate more effectively resulting in lasting symptom improvement and a stronger sense of secure self. 

I have partnered with the fully-virtual psychedelic prescriber Journey Clinical to offer eligible clients a safe psychedelic experience with ketamine. Your psychedelic treatment team would consist of myself (an attachment-informed psychotherapist) and a medical provider through Journey Clinical. My practice facilitates the psychotherapeutic experiences, while the medical team at Journey Clinical support clients on all medical aspects related to the experience. 

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a legal, safe medicine that can treat a variety of mental health conditions. My practice specializes in the use of KAP with clients struggling with concerns related to anxiety, depression, childhood trauma and abuse, insecurity, and shame.

Ketamine's fast-acting, mood-enhancing effects begin to take effect within 1-2 hours after the dose is administered. It works by simultaneously blocking the brain's NMDA receptors and stimulating the AMPA receptors. This is thought to help form new synaptic connections and enhance neural networks that regulate stress and mood. 

How does Ketamine feel?

A ketamine trip is described by some as a pleasant, out of body experience. Individuals notice that their perceptions of their inner and outer worlds shift or expand. Because motor and verbal abilities will be slightly impaired you will be lying down for the duration of the experience. The immediate effects of ketamine last about 45 minutes. After the initial effects subside, you may continue to feel more open and peaceful. The remainder of our time together will be to process your experience. 

Steps to beginning KAP with Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST:

1) A complimentary 20-minute consultation with me where we will discuss your interest in KAP, any prior experience with psychedelics and/or psychotherapy, and any initial questions you may have. Together we will determine where KAP is a good choice for you and your current concerns. 

2) A 60-min preparation session via a HIPAA-compliant virtual video conferencing platform. There may be 1-2 additional sessions determined by the two of us. 

3) After the first preparation session, I will connect you with a medical provider through Journey Clinical. This provider will meet with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for KAP from a medical/physiological perspective. 

4) If your medical provider determines that you are a good candidate, a prescription will be written for the required amount of oral ketamine tablets required for your KAP experience. The tablets will be sent directly to your home or your pharmacy based on agreement. 

5) We will schedule our 1st virtual KAP session. Each KAP session is 3 hours long, allowing us time to ground into the experience, connect, and engage in the experience in a meaningful and unhurried manner. The experience lasts approx. 1-2 hours, followed by 1 hour of processing and debriefing.


* I require that you have a sitter at or easily accessible to your physical location who can be of physical support if needed during/after our session. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that you have informed this person of the day and time of our session and that they have agreed to be your sitter. A HIPAA consent form will be signed giving me permission to speak with this individual only if absolutely necessary. This sitter will not be in the session, and all confidentiality will be kept unless immediate medical attention is necessary.

6) The number of ketamine sessions will vary based on concerns and goals for treatment. They may range between 1 and 6 sessions. 

7) Following your ketamine session, we will schedule an integration session where we can process your experience and expand up on the insight gained. At least 1 integration session must occur after each KAP session.


8) KAP can provide profound healing and self-awareness. Often times when we uncover and begin to heal one part of us that is holding onto experiences of fear, shame, or overwhelming aloneness, other parts of us desire similar witnessing and healing. Further therapy (KAP or traditional) may be encouraged to unpack and make sense of past experiences, overwhelming emotions, and limiting beliefs about self. This ultimately allows for deeper integration and sustained security in one's agency, autonomy, and authentic self. 

Costs of KAP Treatment:

Therapy Costs-

(paid at the end of each session or all at once) *

50-min preparation and integration sessions: $150

3-hour KAP experience (includes dosing, trip, processing/debrief): $525

Prescriber Costs with Journey Clinical & Pharmacy-

(paid separately)

Medical Assessment with Medical Provider/Prescriber: $250

Prescription: Approx. $40-$50 covering 6 full doses of sublingual ketamine

Total: Approximately $1040-$1050 (based on 1 prep session, 1 KAP experience, 1 integration session, medical provider costs, and prescription)

* Discount of $100 available for KAP experience for those who pay for the psychotherapy experience at one time. (does not include any additional prep or integration sessions that may be recommended.)

Online Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy NJ
"Psychedelic Integration Therapy"

It is understood in many healing traditions and psychedelic communities that the work begun during psychedelic journeys continues well beyond their formal end. The core corrective experiences and new beliefs about one's self as self-compassionate, capable, and resilient that arise with psychedelics can be further instilled through integration work. New insights and perspectives become more deeply rooted with further reflection and elaboration with a safe enough, attuned enough other.

Tools fostered throughout our sessions include: emotional and body-based regulation skills, self-compassion, effective communication, resiliency building, and somatic affective awareness. 

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