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Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST. Men's Sex Therapy & Men's Mental Health Therapy in Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ.
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"It takes courage to express vulnerability."

We are all wired for connection, growth, and authenticity. All men can benefit from having a confidential space where they can lower their walls and be themselves. I provide emotionally-focused, attachment-informed therapy that is mindful of the male perspective and the impact stereotypical expectations of masculinity have on men’s ability to tap into and process emotions, insecurities, sexuality, and trauma. 

What are "Men's Issues" anyway?

What makes an issue a men's issue depends on its origin. Men's issues are developed through familial, cultural, and societal expectations that define masculinity and sexuality. These expectations influence an individual's way of behaving, coping, emoting, and relating to the world.  



Men's Emotional Well-Being: 

Through an emotionally-focused, attachment-informed perspective we will reinforce innate resiliency and self-compassion, as we embrace suppressed emotions and heal old attachment wounds that are impacting how you navigate your world today. This ultimately leads to a rewiring of the nervous system, allowing a secure and authentic sense of self to emerge.  

I provide support for the following concerns: 


Adult Children of Emotionally Immature or Narcissistic Parents

Childhood Trauma & Sexual Abuse

Complex PTSD

Low Self-Esteem

Narcissistic Abuse 

Overcoming Shame

People-Pleasing Tendencies

Relationship Stressors


Men's Sex Therapy: 

Sexuality is often complicated by life experiences and subjective messages, beliefs, and values learned throughout one's life. I practice from a sex-positive, emotionally-focused, attachment-informed lens, recognizing the natural interconnectedness between our mind, body, and emotions. Through this larger, more interconnected perspective, we will make sense of how past experiences, relational dynamics, and perceptions of self have influenced your current sexual concerns. Together we will identify ways to connect to and engage with your erotic self in a meaningful and authentic manner.

I specialize in providing sex therapy for anxiety and shame-specific concerns related to sexuality and sexual health. My practice is queer affirming, kink-aware, and polyamory friendly.


I work primarily with men seeking support for the following: 

Delayed Ejaculation

Masturbation or Pornography Anxiety

Navigating Kink or Polyamory *

Navigating Sexuality *

Sexual "Performance" Anxiety 

Sexual Insecurity

Shame Related to Sexuality or Erotic Desires 

* For information on therapy for gay/bi/queer, kink, poly/CNM unique stressors click here.

As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist I have completed extensive education and clinical mentorship in human sexuality, gender identity, and relationship diversity. I received specialized training in male-specific sexual health concerns as well as erotic orientation and kink, trauma-related sexual health concerns, and queer affirmative therapy. 

My goal is to provide a safe space where we can have open and honest conversations about often difficult topics without fear of judgement or shame. 

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