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Tips to Perfecting Your Dating Profile

Online dating can be hard! You take dozens of pictures for one that makes you look good, but not over the top. You spend time and energy crafting the perfect bio that shows your strengths and makes you look just humble enough. Then you try and put yourself out there by sending private messages or swiping right. All response.

What is a person to do to stand out on a site with thousands of others on there?

1) Give the reader a brief snapshot of who you are: QEFP.

  • Qualities: Describe 3-4 of your best qualities.

  • Family: Where did you grow up? Any siblings? (1-2 sentences)

  • Education/Employment: A brief synopsis that is 1-2 sentences at most. Any more and you may come across as bragging or attempting to show off.

  • Passions: Identify 1-2 of your passions.

2) What are you searching for?

  • Long-term relationship.

  • Casual sex.

  • Something short-term.

3) Who are you hoping to meet?

  • Imagine your ideal match. What are some of the qualities they would possess? Be sure to describe the person not the type and be specific (i.e. "I'm hoping to meet someone who is creative and enjoys hiking." Rather than, "I'm interested in creative women who likes going on trips.")

4) Make sure your profile photo shows your face.

  • Avoid pictures with other people in them.

  • Make sure that you are not under the influence.

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