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Simple Techniques to Enhance Partner Communication

As a therapist who works with children, adults, families, and couples the few tips that I find myself frequently repeating are tips to increasing communication and understanding of one another. Effective communication and active listening are important tools for helping others feel heard and understood. Below are some tips that partners can utilize to enhance communication:

1) Validate your partner's feelings and experiences no matter if they are negative or positive. "You seem really down right now.", "I know how frustrated this is making you.", "You're really exhausted right now."

2) Mirror back what your partner is saying to you or how they are telling you they feel. "You are annoyed with me because I haven't taken out the trash.", "You want some space right now."

3) Express how you are feeling in terms of I rather than You. Instead of "You never listen to me when I talk to you.", say "I don't feel heard when I'm talking and it makes me feel like what I have to say is unimportant."

4) Take a "pause" when conversations get heated. Inform your partner that you are feeling overwhelmed or too upset. so you need to take a pause to get into a better frame of mind. Note: Always go back to the conversation. Brushing it under the rug is avoiding and advoidance will lead to future conflict.

Side Tip: Keep arguments and conflict out of the bedroom. The bedroom should be a safe space for both partners to unwind and relax.

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