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Manscaping 101

Male pubic hair grooming has become mainstream over the last decade. Many men are opting to trim their pubic hair or shave it off entirely. A 2016 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that in a survey of 1,100 college students (ages 18-22), 24% of men were found to have removed pubic hair and 22% of men reported trimming pubic hair in the last 4 weeks.

Reasons for manscaping varies by individual. Some manscape because they believe it is more hygienic. Other's manscape because they think it makes their penis look larger and more prominent. The following are tips for manscaping if you are considering in the future:

1) Find a razor that is made specifically for manscaping.

2) Hop in the shower.

3) If you are starting off with a bush, begin by trimming down the hair with some hair cutting scissors. This will prevent your razor from clogging and pulling on your pubic hair when shaving.

4) Once trimmed, lather up with shaving gel.

5) Now use your razor to shave the remaining hair off or to the length and shape that you desire.

6) Shave with light, gentle strokes.

7) Be sure to rinse off the razor often and apply more shaving gel as necessary.

8) When shaving close to the balls and shaft of the penis be sure to pull the skin tightly to help decrease the chance of loose skin getting snagged on the razor blade.

5) After shaving rinse dry and moisturize. Moisturizing is important to help soothe the skin that has been irritated due to the shaving.

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