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Love Maps: A Continuous Sketch of Your Partner's Inner World

Marital friendship is seen as the foundation of Dr. John Gottman's Sound Relationship House Theory The concept of Love Maps was developed through countless hours of research by Dr. Gottman on what makes a successful relationship.

Love Maps can be described as a "map" of your inner world--your past history, current goals, likes, dislikes, desires, wishes for the future, etc. This map is always being edited and added to as one moves through life. When couples have a solid understanding of one another's love maps, they can better understand the inner world of their partner. This clarity helps foster compassion, empathy, and mutual understanding. Together love maps can be created and shared as the two of you move through life.

Ways to create and share Love Maps:

1) Share, share, share! Your past, your present, your future goals.

2) Create Love Maps together! As partners, your Love Maps will naturally interweave with one another as you create unified goals and dreams.

3) Sit down and update one another on how you are at the present moment. Let one another know what your current dreams are for work, hobbies, hopes for the relationship. Identify some joint dreams for your future with one another.

4) Download the Gottman Card Decks app. This is a great app that allows you to explore various aspects of your inner world and relationship through a fun question and answer modality.

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