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Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW, CST, ACS therapy in Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ 07450.
"It's like I am always carrying around a heavy weight."

Low self-esteem and inner criticism are two sides of a similar coin. Each side can both trigger and reinforce the other, ultimately impacting our ability to navigate the world with a sense of inner security. 


I incorporate proven evidence-based treatment modalities that are grounded in attachment theory, relational neuroscience, and transformative studies. Together we will take a closer look at the intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics at play that impact self-esteem. We will begin to foster a dialogue between your core self and those parts of you that are holding onto criticism, self-judgment, worthlessness, and insecurity so that you can get better acquainted with its roots and its triggers. We will work to increase a sense of internal connection, allowing you to utilize compassion-based, somatic, and mindfulness skills to reinforce an overall sense of confidence and resiliency. 

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