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LGBTQ+ Affirmative, Kink-Aware, Poly Friendly Therapy Bergen County, NJ
"LGBTQ+ Affirming, Kink-Aware, and Poly Friendly Therapy."

LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy: 

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I understand the importance of finding a provider who is sensitive to the LGBTQ+ lived experience and point of view. I also understand wanting a provider who does not make assumptions, erase your identity or orientation, or define your entire lived experience based on your sexual orientation or gender identity alone. All intersections of our identity have an influence on our lived experience and current concerns. My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you feel free to be your authentic self. 


Kink-Aware & Poly/CNM Friendly Therapy: 

Many medical and mental health providers claim to be "kink-knowledgeable" and "poly/CNM friendly" but truly lack foundational knowledge of human sexuality, erotic orientation, and concepts specific to the kink, BDSM, leather, and consensually non-monogamous communities. You shouldn't feel like you have to "teach" your therapist about your community, relationship structure, and play interests in order to receive care. 


I have received extensive education and consultation in human sexuality, Gender, Sexuality, and Relationship Diversity, and kink/BDSM. Most of the clients that I work with are members of marginalized communities. My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you feel free to be your authentic self.

We can work together to explore your relationship with erotic self-expression, so that you can engage with your eroticism and sexuality in ways that feel enjoyable and meaningful for YOU!

How can I be of support for you? 

Integrating relational neuroscience and somatic understanding of the mind-body connection, we will work together to understand how past experiences, perceptions of self and others, and stressors in your current life influence your present day concerns. Once better understood, there is more internal room to explore positive ways of authentically supporting ourselves in moments when we are not feeling our best. 

Tools fostered throughout our sessions include: emotional and body-based regulation skills, self-compassion, effective communication, resiliency building, and somatic affective awareness.



"Affirmative therapy for members of the LGBTQ+, Kink, and Poly communities."

I provide support for the following:

Coming Out

Childhood Trauma or Sexual Abuse

Kink-Aware & Affirmative Therapy *

Poly/CNM Relationship Stressors *

Navigating Sexuality & Gender Identity

Shame Related to Sexuality

* For information on therapy for kink and poly/CNM unique stressors click here.

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